Kard Combat

Version 1.3 will offer Game Center Multiplayer, new cards, and more!  We just confirmed the update will be live this Thursday, November 3rd.

This update takes full advantage of a new iOS 5 feature, implementing an asynchronous, turn-based multiplayer games mode using Apple’s Game Center.

Players can now also earn new powerful cards for their decks by recruiting their friends to the game, using the in-game friend referrals system. There are 3 new cards to earn via this system:

• Baphomet – Increases the damage from all the owners spell cards by 50%
• Vassal of Water – Heals 10 life to owner when summoned. Water mana growth +1. Attack equals water mana.
• Traitor – Destroys targeted opponent’s card.

We can’t wait to release this significant 1.3 update for Kard Combat. The team have been working diligently on multiplayer aspects of the game as well as enhancing the user interface with new animations and menus.

Since we launched Kard Combat players have relied on Open Feint for multiplayer matches, but now everyone can enjoy playing strategic card battles against their Game Center friends too. The introduction of a new Pass and Play multiplayer mode and the new card unlocks via friend referral make this a social focused update.

Here is the full list of what you can expect in this update:

  • Game Center asynchronous turn-based multiplayer
  • A new Pass and Play multiplayer mode for playing against friends on a single device
  • Three new powerful cards that can be obtained by referring friends
  • Baphomet: recruit one friend
  • Vassal of Water: recruit five friends
  • Traitor: recruit ten friends
  • Option to auto-complete all of the mage sets for players who purchase the full unlocked game
  • Improved art and animation throughout the game